Your benefits

  • Complete retail media process from planning to implementation
  • Always up-to-date media data
  • Efficient way of working saves project times and use of resources
  • Integration of implementation planning massively simplifies projects
  • Better overview of the reservation and booking status
  • Focused on the requirements of retailers

Monetization of customer contacts

Retailers need to continually invest in their channels such as e-commerce, stationary retail, social media and print to reach their customers. In these times, retailers in particular are not at a loss to expand revenues through “market development funds” or retail media. Ultimately, it’s about monetizing the retailer’s customer contacts. Consulting the industry partner, booking the appointments and organizing the implementation on all channels are not to be underestimated.

Key functions

  • Central overview of all channels and advertising media from the store window in the store to the online banner in the e-shop
  • Specification & classification of advertising media in a booking system
  • Calendar for reserving or booking individual media and packages
  • Upload a briefing for the booking (e.g. target groups, key visual etc.)
  • Maintenance of digital and analog advertising spaces in a central database
  • Export of action plans for the implementation of measures in the channels
  • Configurator for the best possible achievement of the defined KPIs (sales assistant)
  • Agile interface configuration to downstream systems of VIGNOLD Tech