Marketing technology


  • Technology evaluation and selection e.g. PIM, DAM, CMS, Analytics, E-Shop
  • Implementation of technologies incl. Programming of interfaces e.g. to ERP systems
  • Introduction of new work methods
  • Data migration, special software development, use of SaaS for “rapid transformation”.


The opportunities offered by digitization sound tempting, but do not appear to be exploitable in a company’s own operations. In practice, most companies find it difficult to choose the right technology from the many available. Existing complex IT systems are not so easy to replace. And collecting data for the new “data-driven marketing” often needs a fresh start, a change process you can’t imagine.


  • Tapping the opportunities of digitization for the respective individual starting situation
  • Use of data for decisions in product management, marketing and sales
  • Increasing the marketing success and agility of the organization