• Analysis of the current situation and identification of media discontinuities and barriers in daily routines
  • Evaluate the use of technologies to simplify and automate workflows, e.g. JODA & DAM.
  • Presentation of best practice cases incl. individual calculation of a business case incl. assessable effects (external costs saved, working hours, etc.)


New channels and new media formats mean multiple opportunities for relevant communication with your customers. This also brings major challenges. On the one hand, the number of specific media formats for e.g. social media, the own e-shop and for platforms like Amazon is exploding. On the other hand, it requires specific know-how and creation to achieve the desired relevance of the messages per channel.


  • Economic implementation of content creation and content production
  • Use of own team for value-adding instead of routine activities
  • Improved customer approach through relevant topics, products and messages